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Oldsmobile Viking Porcelain Sign


Double Sided Porcelain in good condition.  Very good gloss with minor staining and scratching.  Chipping and porcelain loss in field, and on edges.  One side is better than the other.  There is a 21" horizontal cut in the middle of the sign.  Very rare piece of General Motors Advertising.


General Motors advertising for the Oldsmobile Viking motorcar.  Excellent for GM collection or someone who has the one of the very rare car model being advertised.



Exact Year of Manufacture and Usage:

1929 - 1931




Customer Pickup Preferred

Please inquire about Truck Freight

Oldsmobile Viking Porcelain Sign (Oversize)

  • 60" Long.    28" Tall.    OVERSIZE ITEM (Customer pickup or Truck Freight)



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