1963 Ford Fairlane 500

1963 Ford Fairlane 500

An excellent example of the perfect blend of the end of the 1950's "big fin" era and the classiness of the early 1960s.  This Fairlane is ready to go cross country tomorrow, it is a turn-key car.  It drives down the road straight as an arrow.  New ME State Inspection sticker.   Odometer reads 55,XXX miles.  Lots of wear items have been recently replaced meaning its ready to go.  

New parts include: 

  • Starter, Fuel Pump, and Battery.  
  • Plugs, Wires, and coil.  
  • Rebuilt Carburetor
  • Tie rod ends, Front upper and lower ball joints (Both Sides.)   
  • Brake Lines, wheel cylinders, hoses, front and rear brakes.  
  • Radiator, thermostat, and coolant.  
  • Transmission serviced w/ fluid, filter, pan gasket, and vaccum modulator.  
  • Shocks and muffler.  
  • 13" Cragar chrome wheels and tires.
  • Rechromed front and rear bumpers.
  • Power Steering Control Valve Assembly and hoses.

The front seat has been recovered and new seatbelts have been added for safety.  Interior is respectable showing minor wear on the upper portion of the drivers door.  The interior is stock and complete except the addition of a mechanical temperature gauge.  Headliner is good.  The car was repainted in the original blue color in the past with a basecoat / clearcoat finish.  It has a high gloss and presents itself very well.  Trim is good to excellent.  Heat and blower motor work as they should.  Factory AM radio is present but is not hooked up.   

This is an excellent entry level classic car for someone to enjoy right away. 

Engine:  170ci 6cyl  1bbl carb

Transmission:  2spd Ford-o-matic